12″ Solar Table Top Fan



Recently i was chatting with my long time net pal from USA who resides in Colorado.He told me how he empowered his household into solar.The lights,TV,music system,fans,kitchen appliances,everything except air conditioning and washing machine was run by solar.Having worked in Solar industry i had talked about it with him 6 months ago and i was glad that he went for it.

Economically Solar is a one time investment.A Solar module has a life of 20 years and comes with a performance warranty of 10 years.So whatever you invest once is for minimum 10 years.You start getting returns on investment in 5 years.But this math is so hard to explain to Indians who would buy a 50000 rupee Iphone but would tolerate powercuts,load shedding and argue how solar is expensive and not worth it.

This is when i felt that India needs to get educated afterall.A country with 300 days of sunshine cannot just reject the solar technology.

If Blackberry can make BBM a hit which was a result of some agressive marketing,I can definitely Solarise India which is the need of future in a country like India where population is ever increasing and resources are on a decline.

That is when i developed a Solar Table top Fan on my own.


The package consists of 12″ DC fan ,battery box(heart of the system) and 20W Solar PV.

The Solar PV and fan was outsourced while the battery box was completely designed in house individually.

The fan has oscillation facility with 3 different speeds.

When oscillation is on and fan is on full speed you get a 4 hours of backup easily.

You just have to place the panel in unobstructed sunlight for 4-5 hours to charge the battery box.

Once charged you just need to plug your fan in the battery box and enjoy the breeze.


The Battery Box has two Indicators which indicate the charging status and low battery status.The red light is on when the battery is low.The green light when on,indicates charging and blinks when the battery is fully charged.

The fan gets automatically switched off when the battery is low ,thus saving the battery from deep discharge.

A switch is provided to switch the fan On and OFF.


The battery box looks elegant and would go with your house interiors unlike the other cheap quality thin metal sheet boxes sold in the market.

The fan is ultra light in weight and is pure white in colour.

This happens to be an ideal solution for the hot sweaty afternoons at your farmhouse or native place where you haven’t installed inverters.

If you are more interested in this fan,email me at arsenalfanabhi@gmail.com or give me a ring on +919987180210.

I would love to make more of these for all my Eco-friendly buddies who really want to get acquainted in solar and contribute their little bit to our environment.